McFassy Fiction.

The Custody Battle

The court looked at James as he entered the room and took his seat, the jury looked less promising than they did the first three hearings. Michael sat directly behind James, so he could keep a hand nearby. The press surrounded the door as Anne Marie entered with her lawyer present. James breathed deeply, his lawyer was late and worse was that so was the judge. This spun around James’ head as well as Michael’s which led to thinking that their lawyer was hooking up with the judge. James picturing his young sister, Joy, and the thirty something year old judge Matthews, together was just not his ideal day dream. He would have preferred one with Michael or perhaps him winning the trial.
Mike’s head was swimming with questions and doubt, his heart paced as he could only imagine what his lover must be going through. He tapped his foot reluctantly as he stared at the back of James’ head, he had done this often but today it was different; depending on what the jury decided would change his life not to mention James’ life, forever!
James took a deep breath and looked down to his hands noticing the scar on the inside of his right hand. He’d gotten the scar from when he took Brendan to his first year check up, Anne couldn’t because she was working on a guest starring role she scored. Once James and his son were directed to their own room at the doctors office their real wait time began.. James read Brendan the story of The Ugly Duckling, or he tried, Brendan turned the pages as he was only interested in the pictures of the ducks. The two fought over the pages and it was on page 5 that James got a deep paper-cut underneath his thumb.
The judge walked in from the back and took his seat, it was Michael who had to tap James on his shoulder to get him to notice from reminiscing about his son. James quickly arose his head to notice the judge taking his seat, he looked back to Michael, both softly smiling to one another, both knowing what could happen in the next hour. They gazed into each others eyes - reading their hopes and nerves for this day, their gaze broke when Michael’s phone rang. Mike quickly removed his phone from his pants pocket to answer - Joy’s call. James whispered, “who is it?”
Michael answered the call and the question quietly, “Joy?”
“Hey, I am walking up right now! Traffic was awful, not to mention the rain on the way over!” Joy loudly stated.
Mike pinched the arch of his nose and let air out of his mouth briefly, “why are you so loud? Be quiet when you come in,” he quickly retorted, ” you need to be here - now. Judge Matthews keeps looking at us because we are all waiting on you…”
“Oh hush will you?! I will be there in a sec! I am finally in the elevator, damn police were arguing with a bunch of kids in the main lobby,” she explained, moments before the call dropped because of her reception.
Michael rolled his eyes as he packed his phone into his polyester jacket, “she will be here soon,” he said softly to James.
James looked at Michael and widened his eyes that were struck with exhaustion, nerves, worries and anticipation. James heart that it started to rapidly fast; faster than ever before and for him that was scary.
Michael put a hand on James’ shoulder and patted him, giving him a nervous yet hopeful smile, which didn’t do much as he hoped.
Joy walked in quickly, her heels clicked across the hard wood floor, a few press photographers snapped some pictures of her walking to her post next to James. She smiled, “good morning boys,”
“Finally,” James accent spoke, he scooted his chair quietly to the right giving his sister some room.
“Nice to see that we can finally begin,” judge Matthews proclaimed, “are we ready Ms McAvoy?”
“Yes, as a matter of fact we can!” Joy said noticing her brother recognized himself and they both shared by saying yes to the judge, she snickered.
“Do we need to go over any of the past three hearings or questions?” Anne’s lawyer, Chad Murray senior asked the judge.
Matthews quickly flipped through the paper work, “I don’t believe so…”
Joy rose to the floor, “I do have a few questions for Miss Duff.”
Matthews and Murray both looked surprised, because the last three hearings the young woman barely had any questions for anyone but then again, today was different.
James didn’t seem impressed by his sister, he rubbed his eye with the palm of his hand and hoped the newly appointed lawyer knew what she was doing..
Joy called Anne to the stand, as she took her seat after vowing to tell the truth. Anne’s face showed that she was scared and just as nervous as James. Her deep, bloodshot eyes looked like she barely slept and wider than they usually were.
“Miss Duff, is it true you recently signed a contract for a movie?” Joy quickly asked, beginning the interrogation.
Anne shook her head, “Uh- yes.”
“What movie, may I ask?”
“An independent film called The Word,”
“How long is production?” Joy asked rhetorically,
“Well about ten to twelve months,”
“That long?”
“It’s a three hour film…” Anne irritatedly responded,
“Now miss Duff, how many days of the twelve months of production will you be working, and for how long per day?”
Anne being put on the spot didn’t help her case, “my usual routine is nine hours and that’s five days a week.. About 271 days I would be on the set working.”
“And during the time you work, where is Brendan?”
“At my parents or with the nanny,”
“Yes of course! But isn’t it true that you ca barely afford your house let alone your nanny?”
“It might be…” Anne said quietly,
“Is that a yes?”
“Yeah it is true but my house isn’t up for grabs by anyone especially in these times…”
“No excuses,” Joy walked to the stand next to Anne, “Is it really fair that it you get full custody that James won’t even get to see his son when you are not even around?”
“No, but that wasn’t my decision…”
“Whose decision was it then? Why does McAvoy over there get to pay to not even see his child?” Joy asked with questionable eyes with her hand directed to her brother.
Anne looked at her lawyer, “Mr Murray’s because he said it would be wise to take what is rightfully mine.”
“But you weren’t the only one to make Brendan it took a mans sperm, your ex husband, James. So he should be able to claim Brendan as his own as well am I wrong?”
“So why doesn’t he have the right to get full custody?”
“Because Brendan is young, he needs me and my breast milk.”
“Brendan can be put on formula though, can’t he?”
Anne looked down and nodded, “yes…”
“What is wrong with getting joint custody?” Joy asked, hoping for an honest answer.
“My schedule is unpredictable…”
“And isn’t it true you’re signed on for another year of Shameless?”
Anne’s voice was beginning to tremble, “yes..”
“So you’d be working on two projects this year? Which means more time away am I right?”
“Yes but I can work on Shameless anytime..”
“But according to you, Brendan needs to be with his mother every day, so how would that work?”
“I can work nights,”
“Ah, well I would love to believe that but according to your Shameless director you cannot do that anymore because actors can only request nights so many times a year and you have exceeded that limit, you also didn’t take off your maternity leave like you were permitted to because you wanted to stay on set so that added more hours to your work schedule.” Joy explained, as she knew this information from her brother and from working on set with pregnant women.
“But Joy, there is no show without me, they will work around my new schedule!” Anne angrily stated as she tried to steady her shaky voice.
Joy smiled, her dyed white teeth parted together in her smile, she knew what was happening to Anne and knew that with such a schedule it would lead to disaster. “I have no more questions,” Joy stepped away from the stand and back to her seat. She looked to Chad, “Do you have any questions for my client?”
“Not for James,” Murray smiled, “I call Michael Fassbender to the stand.”
Joy leered at Chad as she sat back down. The two siblings watched as Michael stood and walked his way to the stand he looked back to them with shock and nervous written all over his face. Murray stood as Mike took his seat, “Tell me, you live in a one bedroom apartment with James, am I right?”
“Two bedroom actually, however I recently made a new housing purchase,” Mike smiled,
“Really? What kind of apartment is it this time? Three bedroom?” Chad chuckled,
Mike joined in on the chuckling for a moment, “Yeah, but it isn’t an apartment. It’s a four bedroom house, not too far from here actually..” He smiled with the reply, he took out the mortgage papers and the information regarding the house and his payments from his briefcase and handed them to the judge.
Matthews took a good look at the papers he overlooked the night before and the information that he had just received, “They check out,” he said accepting the new living arrangements.
Murray rolled his eyes, “Well those were all the questions I had, you can step down and take a seat now Fassbender.”
Mike smiled to Chad and then thanked the judge before stepping down to take his seat.
Judge Matthews cleared his throat, “I say we take a ten minute recess to let the jurors decide, ok?”
Joy and Chad both nodded yes to the judge, Matthews released the gavel from his hand and let it bounce once for recess to commence.
James let out a huge sigh, Michael, whom was already standing by his seat made his way next to James, “Are you doing okay?”
“I guess,” James responded taking a moment to breathe, “what was that all about?”
Michael’s face looked puzzled, “What do you mean?”
“A house? How could you afford that?” James rephrased as he stood up from his seat to stretch.
“Well since last summer I started putting money away and when you came in the picture I figured I should put more away every month. Then I took a look at how much I had and realized I had enough for the place I had in mind…” Michael sighed, “I wanted it to be a better surprise but this was the only way with everything going on..”
James lightly smiled, “Well I really loved it, I mean, it might save us and help us!”
“It already has” Joy butted, “If you can show that you can support children in a good and stable environment it will definitely come in handy.” She smiled to the both of them and held onto her brother’s shoulder letting him know she’d always be there for him.
“Excuse me,” a little voice said,
“Yes?” Michael asked, it was Anne.
“May I just say - I wish you luck” she smiled devilishly,
“Why?” Mike asked folding his arms, “Will we need it?” he asked with attitude throughout his voice and body.
Anne smirked, “yes and I was going to be nice but I guess it’s too hard for you, so bring it on home wrecker!”
Michael laughed, “Mature Anne! You’ll get what’s coming to you some day and I cant wait to see it!!” He smiled, he would have continues but he remembered that joint custody was still on the table. Anne walked away and back towards her post next to her lawyer, her boyfriend, David Tennant, came from the open doors and took a seat near her, she smiled and walked to him with a hug and a nice long kiss between them just enough to get attention from the press and everyone else there especially letting James know that she moved on.
James chuckled at the sight of them together,
“Hey,” Mike said getting James attention,
“Yes?” James said turning his head around to his lover with his eyebrows raised,
Michael mouthed to him, “I love you,”
James smiled and moved up to Michael’s ear, “I love you too, if things go right today you’ll be seeing a great dinner on your table!” The couple shared a tender kiss.
The jurors came in and took a seat followed by the judge. Once everyone was sitting a moment of peace was struck over the court room, “have we come to a verdict?” Matthews broke the silence, asking the jury.
The speaker of the jurors arose, “At first we believed that Anne would get custody but after the interrogation from today we have come to a new decision. James McAvoy and Anne Marie Duff will have joint custody of Brendan McAvoy.”
“You heard him, I will expect a schedule from the both of you sometime before the end of this week to begin the process of when you will be responsible of the child. I mark this as a finished case, court adjourned.” Judge Matthews proclaimed, with two taps of his gavel he ended the session and stepped down from his post.
James and Michael stood up and smiled, trying to keep their excitement to themselves by hugging each other tightly as James happily cried into Mike’s shoulder. Joy stood up and congratulated them, even though she wanted them to have full custody, she shrugged and hugged them before she left. Anne and David had their moment of relief, hugging and kissing. She fired her lawyer for not winning full custody but was still in a good mood while doing such.
Michael and James separated from their hug, “how about I show you where we will be living now?” Mike asked with a big grin,
“I would love to see our new house now!!!” James replied excitedly, as he held onto his lovers arm as they walked out of the courtroom.

The day before Part 1.

James was stressed to the point of no relief, he kept feeling weight pushing down on his shoulders. Only a day away, he kept saying to himself. Of course it was the day before the custody hearing, he had been to the first, the second and the third. The jury was having a tough time deciding who would get Brendan, and if James, at what point in time would he have full custody. It wasn’t just that either, he was worried that there would be too much of the press there. In the first hearing there was quite a lot of them, the second and third, not so much. This was the last and final hearing, it had to be, the judge made the final decision about a month ago that the next meeting would be the final. However James couldn’t get out of his previous engagements to the film, so he ended up rescheduling and rescheduling. Finally the director was done shooting and James could finally end this nonsense. He was very uptight about the whole thing. Him not having a job to go to made it worse, usually James wouldn’t have to worry because he would have scenes to do, but now all the pressure was on. He wasn’t this nervous or this worried during his first film he performed in, he had never been this nervous or worried. Where the nervousness of it all came in, James came with coffee, cup after cup. He was already as shaky as he could get just from his feelings of it all, and it wasn’t even the morning of the hearing! He rubbed his eyes, sighing, just wanting it all to end smoothly and to his advantage. 

Michael walked in from the front door, his tie hanging off his collar and his jacket swaying as he held it in his hand over his shoulder. “I’m home love!” He shouted, taking off his shoes and heading into the kitchen. Michael let out a worried sigh when he saw James sitting in his chair with the coffee mug in his hand while the other hand was shaking as he held the newspaper. He dropped his jacket on the ground and slowly walked towards James with both of his hands spread outwards to James, “Put the mug down, you have too much to live for,” Michael said jokingly.

James mockingly laughed, “Very funny!” He was way too jittery and desperately needed a shower along with a nap. Michael automatically knew what was happening in this picture, he now could read James like a book by any of his facial expressions and by the tone of his voice. 

"Stand up baby and give me a hug!" Michael ordered with a loving smile and his arms spread out. James could barely stand up but he did his best to and hugged Michael tightly. James felt so much better now that he was back home and was able to hold him.

I missed you!" James stated, Michael had been gone for only a week, he had to shoot a mini episode of a television show he was guest starring in. James buried his head into Michael’s chest, even though Mike smelled a little ripe, James didn’t mind. 

Michael held him, kissing James’ forehead, “I missed you, more!

Everything was back to normal now, James had work for the past week too but it had ended the day before yesterday, so he had been home alone for almost two whole days! Both of them let go of one another, only wishing to hold each other once more, Michael smiled and walked to where he had dropped his jacket. “I’m going to go get my bag from the car, then I’ll be back and we can take a shower together!” Michael said with a large grin. James missed that grin!

James smiled walking to where the jacket was, he picked it up and brought to the dirty hamper in the bathroom. He happily started the shower and got himself undressed, it had been awhile since him and his love had taken a shower at the same time! Hearing Michael walk back into the apartment James quickly got into the shower leaving the shower door open for Michael. 

Michael entered with a large-looking carry-on type of bag he dropped it down onto the couch. He was happy to hear the shower running, hot water for me, he thought. Michael threw down his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt, his pants as loose as they were fell down to the ground, he quickly took off his underwear and socks and jumped into the shower. “Hey there,” Michael said slyly to his lover.

"Hi," James chuckled, it was funny to him that Michael always tried to do a bit of role-playing every time they showered together. "What do you wanna do first, your hair or your body?" James asked seductively, usually Michael would do his hair first then have James massage his body with the body wash and vice versa. Sometimes their showers didn’t even involve them washing each other.

Michael winked, “Let’s start out with the fun wash!” This time he didn’t have a clever name for what he usually called the ‘let’s have sex right now’ wash. Michael laughed at himself for not coming up with a better nickname for it. James’ lips met with his shortly after as they began to make-out in the shower. The water level was perfect along with the style the shower head was set at, it wasn’t annoying them and made everything easier. James must have changed it all, Michael thought, probably before he even entered the shower! 

Kisses escalated and the shy James that had been missing Michael the most turned around. Michael thought that James might have wanted the dominance this time but it seemed to be quite the opposite, getting close to James, Michael kissed James’ neck and down to his shoulder. “You want it soft or rough?” He asked in a whispered voice putting extra emphasis on the last word.

James smiled, feeling the shiver creep up his spine when Michael whispered into his ear. He whispered back, “I do tend to like it rough!” 

"Michael? Are you gonna wake up darling?" James asked, trying to get Michael to wake up, he figured that maybe if he woke him up they could have some morning fun. James’ dream of that memory made him want Michael, after all it was a bit on the wet side. James tapped Michael on the shoulder, "I’ll give you something you’ll like if you wake up!" He whispered with a devilish grin into Michael’s ear.

Michael smiled, James’ voice turned him on, he was already happy from the dream, but James’ words made him even happier. “What kind of something?” He said in his usual raspy morning voice. 

James licked his lips, “Depends.” They both let out a chuckle, as Michael’s head turned facing James. 

"Does it depend on what I want or something else?" 

James smirked moving his lips up to Michael’s as they touched lightly. “I’d say on you, and me. I had a pleasant dream last night, how about you?” James asked as their lips spread a part from one another. Michael hated how James would tease him with such a gentle kiss then go into a conversation, when all he wanted to do was kiss James more.

"I did, I had a wonderful dream, one that you were in. It was very delightful." Michael replied with a genuine smile, wrapping one of his arms around James. For a moment both Michael and James stared into each others eyes with love-struck beams. Moments like those happened often, and both enjoyed the times they did have like that.

An idea flashed through James’ mind as he looked into Michael. “I know what we’re going to do today!” James said excitedly, breaking their eye-contact, and shifting off the bed. He looked through Michael’s closet taking out his own clothing, along with something for Michael to wear. 

Michael continued staring at James, even after he left the bed, James’ bare ass kept Michael preoccupied. “So what are we doing then?” Michael catechized, burying his head into his pillow.

"We’re going to the carnival!" James answered, putting on his underwear along with the clothes he chose to wear. 

Lifting up his head, Michael’s eyebrows furrowed, “The carnival? It’s still in town?”

"Yeah, I only know that because I saw the flyer in the newspaper!" James excitedly stated.

Still as tired as he was Michael began to get up from his bed, sluggishly putting on his clothes. “You sound way too excited about this.” Michael’s eyelids were drooping.

James looked to Michael, seeing sleep spread out across his face. “Well I kind of am! I’ll tell you why when we get there, but come on Mike! Wake up! Wash your face, let’s get a move on!” James was excited because this would be their first date, they already had their song, now all they needed was the date and a dance. In James’ mind the carnival would be the perfect place for both. He pulled Michael up out of bed and escorted him to the bathroom, “Trust me it’ll be awesome.” James assured, lightly rubbing Michael’s shoulders. 

After it took Michael a few times of splashing his face with water, he finally felt that he had enough. Enough to stay awake at least. James was already dressed, shoes and all, Michael barely had his pants on, along with the button down shirt James had picked out for him. After getting himself ready he slickly put his hat on, Michael was as set to go as James was. 

They arrived at the carnival, both lucky enough to find a decent parking spot. James slid his sunglasses on, it was probably easier to try and blend in with the crowd, he could only imagine the paparazzi going crazy if they caught him and Michael there. Staying close to one another they started with the little games first. 

After a few hours passed, Michael realized it was five in the evening, everything had flew by so quickly. He and James both were having a blast, he won James a teddy bear, while James won Michael a shark plush. Michael couldn’t believe he was having a good time at the fair, when the last time he had that much fun at such a place was when he was a child. The weather was just as perfect as his day was going, Michael was glad that James had orchestrated their day and the things that they did. Sharing popcorn, cotton candy, playing the mini games and riding the large merry-go-round. 

The sun was about to set when they boarded the Ferris Wheel, James was happy that everything had went so smoothly, and that everything was going according to plan. He and Michael ended up looking down to the sun setting, as James rested his head on Michael’s shoulder. Both kissed lightly as the Ferris Wheel came to an end, James didn’t want their day out, that had just turned into a night out to end.

James and Michael drove from the carnival and out to eat for dinner, not a five-star restaurant but a quiet cozy three-star did the job. The food was good, and their mini-conversations went well. Michael felt like they didn’t even have to say anything to each other, like James was reading his mind, and vice versa. 

Before they knew it dinner was over, onto the next place, James really did have their day planned. Michael was surprised to see James so spot on with everything, first their day, then the dinner, now they were at a club, drinking and somewhat dancing. The club wasn’t exactly James’ forte, but for Michael it was, he believed that James had only brought him their because Michael had spoke of clubbing before. Although dancing didn’t occur as much as James hoped, he loved the time he was spending with Michael. 

Time shifted quickly, two in the morning never came so abruptly, the drive home was quiet, both were happy to get home. As James and Michael were barely buzzed they headed into bed, both had a long day. Michael was exhausted his feeling from the morning rushed back to him, he took off his shoes and jumped into bed, not even bothering to take off his clothes, he was too tired for that. James, however, quickly washed up, realizing his day was longer than expected, he felt content, half of what they did was spontaneous ideas coming up from his head. After getting himself unclothed, he put himself to bed. It was time for him to sleep, if he kept himself awake any longer it would’ve provoked him from getting any time to rest at all. 

A dream, Michael’s dream had consisted of himself getting a haircut, it went extremely wrong, the cut turned into a military cut, the woman who cut it fixed it from the standard cut trying to make it look better than it had already looked.  His dream faded, warping into a memory, a dream that Michael had almost every night. “Alright can we try this scene again? Maybe James can actually pull Michael? We need some struggle, we need to make it seem like Erik rather die then let go of the submarine.” Vaughn asked with firmness to his tone. Michael drenched from the pool, nodded his head, he had done the scene with James five times already. It was midnight and Michael was reaching the point where he could pass out at any moment. Another two scenes, it was obvious that James didn’t know how to pull off what Vaughn had asked of him. Michael came up for air once hearing Vaughn yell “cut”, after Vaughn gave up on the scene for the night Michael couldn’t help but think of ways to help James. James had left the pool, Michael stood for a moment getting a good look at James. The water dripped onto the tiled floor, James wiped his face with a clean towel and removed the two shirts he was wearing, the pants were completely soaked, sticking to his body like a magnet to a fridge. Michael knew he couldn’t get out of the pool now, he knew he liked James, but didn’t know he liked him like that. Michael smiled, as delusional as he was, he felt like he was thinking clearly. “Hey James, come back in the water, I have an idea to help you out.” Michael said slyly, just a game of dunking. James shook his head, he had just gotten himself dry, there was no way he was going to join. “Seriously I know the solution, would you rather Matt get someone else to do your part?” Michael begged. Finally James caved, joining Michael back in the above-ground pool. Michael immediately dunked James’ into the pool in a sneak attack, after a few times of getting James completely under the water, James par took into the game and dunked Michael. “I’m telling you it’s helping!” Michael said loudly with a laugh, as they both continued dunking each other. A friendly dunking game between friends suddenly turned into something more. James pushed Michael into the water with both of his hands, Michael grabbed James’ feet pulling him under. Michael swam his way closer to James, he was unsure if was really going to do what he’s been thinking about since seeing James topless. James squinted his eyes, confused why Michael had moved closer into him. Michael brought a hand around James’ cheek, letting his lips graze against James, both didn’t expect to feel anything, but something had sparked, a sparkler must have been ignited. James almost pulled away, but instead pushed harder into Michael, the sparkler brightened. Both came up for air, splitting their lips apart from one another. Michael tried not to grin, but he knew that the kiss was definitely something he wouldn’t forget. James quickly exited the pool, grabbing the two shirts and leaving, but what Michael saw made him bite his lip, the tight pants on James definitely showed a bulge. The reflection began to fade, hearing James’ voice calling Michael, the dream had ended and turned into darkness.

James woke up with breakfast in bed, his kingsize bed felt empty, as it felt every morning. He ate the small breakfast that consisted of a small size of scrambled eggs, one piece of bacon and a tiny glass of orange juice. Every morning it was the same, maybe not the breakfast in bed, but every morning he would awake with no one lying beside him. James would get up and walk into the workout room, working his legs out on the elliptical for thirty minutes, a shower would come afterwards, following him getting washed up and ready for the day. Normally he would turn on his music if no one was home, but this wasn’t the case, Anne-Marie was in Brendan’s room, still feeding him breast-milk, James didn’t bother going in, lately they had been arguing and he didn’t want to disturb her, he only thought of what the next argument would consist of. James went on his computer looking at the latest celebrity gossip, he wasn’t the kind of guy to care about paparazzi gossip news, when his boredom sat in it seemed to be the only amusing thing to him. Another story about Michael Fassbender dating Zoe Kravitz, James smirked, if only they knew the truth. Anne-Marie came out from the baby’s room, holding Brendan, James spotted them out of the corner of his eye, he turned his chair around to face them and smiled brightly. He wasn’t in the perfect mood, it was the second month into the First Class shooting, and it was his first weekend back with his wife and child,  and Anne wasn’t being the wife he wanted to encounter on his weekend home. James was expecting kisses, love-making, perhaps some alone time even if it didn’t involve snuggling or physical touching. It was just two weeks ago when James and Michael shared a kiss, which sent James down a road where he began to think more and more about Michael. James looked forward to spending time with Anne, maybe not just for alone time, but to make sure his sexuality was in check. He promised himself he wouldn’t tell Anne about what happened until he knew what his body was telling him, but the fact that Anne was giving Brendan more attention made James start thinking more about everything. James walked to his wife, trying to give her a simple loving kiss on the lips, but she pulled her head to the side, kissing him on the cheek, handing Brendan off to him. James sighed taking Brendan, a unpleasurable half smile crossed James’ face. Barely any words were spoken between him and his wife, it was a busy day for her, taking care of Brendan, cooking a dinner that for some reason took eight hours to make, and other house chores. James recommended hiring a nanny, or a maid, Anne refused in a harsh tone, as if she was angry at him. His phone began to ring, James let his son down onto the floor, taking out his phone from his pocket to answer. It was Michael, he had offered to take James out for a drink, it was only noon, James smiled thinking that it was a great idea. After all his day wasn’t going to get any better. James accepted Michael’s offer, while the details of when and where were given. After the brief conversation, James told Anne of his plans, she glared at him, she was upset, but why he didn’t know. Anne brought James towards her, giving him a kiss he wouldn’t forget while he was out, why didn’t she do that earlier, James thought. He grabbed his coat and left after giving his son a peck on the forehead. 

One drink, two drink, three. Michael laughed at James for drinking more than James said he would. James downed four shots of tequila, and he was on his third bourbon. Michael was still on his second, but he also had two martinis. Drunken James told Michael of his day, and how lately he didn’t feel like a man, and where his relationship was with Anne-Marie. A drink later, they ended up at Michael’s hotel room, both drunkenly stripping each others clothes off. Both barely walking their way to the bed laughing, as drunk as they both were, they both thought of only kissing and touching each other, unsure of how they got into their predicament. James and Michael continued, Michael teased barely touching James’ lips, as James grew hungrier for embraces, James dived into biting Michael’s lower lip bringing their lips together. The drunken kisses were sloppy, but in the back of James’ head he felt that they meant the most. Michael opened himself to James, today James was the man, both giving into the sexual arousment of anal intercourse. 

Four hours passed, James woke up next to Michael in the fullsize hotel bed, startled by seeing himself and Michael naked. James jumped out of the bed, he quickly walked into the bathroom, he splashed his face with water, what just happened? He looked out of the bathroom, still seeing Michael’s naked self sprawled out in the bed. James grabbed his clothes, reattaching them to himself, and left. He knew he was still a little buzzed, but he had to get out of there, James remembered that his car was at the bar, which was luckily in walking distance from the hotel. 

James looked into his rearview mirror, checking his face, he just arrived at his house. He needed to look somewhat normal before walking back into the house, where his wife could easily spot that something was up. James fixed up his clothes, trying to make himself look as normal as he did before he left. Largely gulping down a lump in his throat, the image of Michael bare-naked crossed his mind, James sighed looking down to the bulge that appeared to be itching to come out of his pants. Shit, this is real. He thought to himself, realizing that his feelings had gotten the better of him. James locked up his car and walked up to his front door, giving himself a new promise, to never mention it to his wife. Thinking that it happened just once, and it wouldn’t happen again. 

Other memories rushed into James’ mind, of the many times he and Michael secretly went about together. Flashbacks of their sexual escapades, and the first time they both realized they weren’t just fucking each other. James held those memories dearest, he couldn’t believe that he could remember all the times he had with Michael, when the ones with Anne he could barely even recall. 

James opened his eyes, he turned his head to the side finding Michael still sleeping, a little snort escaped Michael’s mouth. James smiled, knowing that with Michael, he would always wake up next to him. His dream may have been a memory from the past, but he knew where he was, where he wanted to be, and James was there.  James almost laughed thinking about it, he had spent most of his day yesterday in bed, only because of the many martinis he had with Michael. Martinis made one hell of a hangover, for James at least, even though he spent a good deal in the bathroom leaning over a toilet, the rest was spent cuddling up to Michael. James wondered what he and Michael were going to do on this new day, he was just happy with being over puking, along with waking up to Michael.

"So that interview, was intense." James said lying down in the bed next to Michael. James had just finished the dishes that they had used for dinner, he was tired the interview wore him out. He looked to Michael who was lying down on the bed, their dinner together was quiet and Michael seemed to look a bit angry. "You alright?"

"You’re not just putting on an act are you? Don’t take this the wrong way, but the interview made me question your answers. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page here." Michael stated, feeling concerned about James’ true intentions. He kept his head looking up at the ceiling instead of looking to James, Michael was afraid of the answer that James would give.

James’ eyes squinted, he moved in closer to Michael, “Why would I put on an act? Why would I have gone through all of this, if it was just an act?” His voice was showing his frustration. James couldn’t believe that Michael would ask such a question.

"Because you’re an actor, remember? Who knows…" Michael answered, finally looking to James. He could tell James was upset, although he was too, he felt more depressed than angry. Michael was taking what James had said in response to the interviewer’s question very seriously.

James scoffed, rubbing his eyes with his hand. “I know I said that in the interview, but you know how I feel about you. What would you have liked me to say? That at the time of our other interviews, I gave off all of those hints. I planned for everyone to find out? You know I didn’t, I was just messing around. Did we have sex? Yes, were we seeing each other? Yes. But did I give all of those hints to people, maybe, but you did too. What I said shouldn’t have been a big deal, especially since the audience doesn’t know when actors are acting or being themselves.” James breathed heavily trying to calm himself down.

Michael stared at James, he couldn’t help that his esteem was low due to what James had said. He took a deep breath, releasing the anger from himself. “I’m sorry that my feelings got the better of me.” Michael got up and off the bed, it was obvious that James’ anger was still lingering. He walked to the kitchen, getting out his cocktail shaker. It was time for a drink, not just for himself, but for James as well. Michael took out the ingredients, and shook the drink up in the shaker. He poured out the martini into the two glasses he brought out, this was his third time Michael had made martinis for the both of them. 

James closed his eyes, hearing Michael making something in the kitchen, he deeply breathed in the air, letting it out slowly. His eyebrows furrowed, as he believed to be hearing ice hitting down into a tin can. James knew his anger had gotten the best of him, but how was he to apologize now? He was the bad person, when Michael was just contemplating James’ true feelings from the interview. Michael walked back into the room, holding two martini glasses, he sat his own down onto the bedside table while he held James’. James opened his eyes slowly, focusing in on the shadow to the left of him that turned into Michael, noticing the drink Michael held in his hand.

"Drink?" Michael asked handing the glass to James. James sat up and politely took the cocktail glass from him.

"Thanks." James gave half of a toothless smile to Michael, feeling upset with himself for not apologizing right on the spot. "Listen, Michael, I’m-"

"Sorry, I know you are." Michael said finishing James’ sentence. He smiled, taking his drink from the table. Michael took a sip and looked into James’ eyes, he could see sorrow in the bright blue of his eyes.

James smiled, almost shedding a single tear, he looked down, holding his glass on his thigh. “Not what I was going to say, but yes, that too.” Michael gave a sign of question across his face. James looked up at Michael into his eyes, knowing it was alright to go on with what he had to say. “What I was going to say was that, I’m in love with you, and I don’t think I could ever lie or put on some act about that. I am truly sorry if I offended you during the interview, I’m not going to say that I wasn’t upset with you, but I rather not argue.” He took a large sip of the martini, guessing that today was the day to tell Michael of his feelings. “I couldn’t tell you this at the interview, but you are wonderful, in every single way possible. You’re both sensitive and strong, and I love everything about you.” James stared into Michael’s eyes, almost feeling the need to cry, which was difficult for him since it didn’t happen often. In this case, it never had occurred in front of Michael before, James tried his best holding it all in.

Michael sat on the bed for a moment, leaning into James kissing his lips gently. James moved his head forcing their lips to stay together, letting a single tear drop from his eyes. Michael could have sustained the kiss longer, but moved his body away, “Let’s move into the kitchen, I can refill our glasses.” Michael held James’ free hand, leading them into the kitchen. James let their hands separate, only wishing they had stayed together, taking the last of his martini into his mouth. Michael refilled both of their glasses, looking to James, “I, am sometimes, not myself. It’s not normal for me to be sensitive, it’s never happened to me often, nor have I felt my self-esteem drop. But for a moment it did there, and I’m sorry.” He looked to his glass and took a large gulp, as James followed by doing the same. “There’s something about you, that let’s me be myself. I show myself often to you, all of myself, feelings and everything. I cant begin to explain everything that I love about you, because it’s everything, and more. You make me always feel better, you made me into this person that I didn’t think I ever could have become. I think you know what I’m talking about. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way, about anyone or anything. In any sense, I’ve never been jealous of anyone before, but if I saw anyone else with you, I’d be jealous within a second. It’s like you have this spell on me.” Michael explained, still looking to James. He moved toward James, taking a last gulp of his martini.

James’ eyes began to water up, he didn’t understand where the tears gathered up from, nor did he understand the feeling that was settling within him. He took many sips of his drink, already feeling buzzed. Michael’s martinis had more gin then the recipe asked for. Michael poured the last of the mixture into their glasses, both Michael and James drank the rest of the martini, and sat them down onto the counter. They both stared at one another for a moment, as Michael moved in closer to James, letting his hand graze James’ thigh gliding it up to his face. James felt goosebumps climb up his spine as Michael touched him, he smiled, moving himself into Michael pressing their lips together. He held onto Michael’s hips pinning him up to the fridge, deepening their kiss, both exhaling sharply as the kiss turned french. Michael’s face flushed, the gin had settled in him, he began unbuttoning James’ shirt forcing it off of him. James stripped himself of his shirt, as he took care of Michael’s shirt, moving both of them from the fridge and onto the table, beginning to unzip Michael’s pants. Michael moaned feeling James graze his penis as he was removing Michael’s pants and underwear. James smiled into their kiss, removing his own clothing, their lips parted as he took the rest off of himself. Michael eyed all of James’ naked self, “The professor seems to be just as ready as Magneto.” Winking at James. A laugh escaped from James’ mouth, as his hands ran across Michael’s legs moving him toward the edge of the table. Michael smiled widely as James’ “professor” entered his anus. Both men moaned as James pushed himself in fully, moving into a steady pace they both enjoyed. Michael’s eyes closed feeling joy, James’ body moved as well as his hand that gladly stimulated Michael’s penis. Their eyes met as James rocked, Michael drunkenly chuckled. This wasn’t their first time having plastered sex, Michael had gotten James intoxicated before, along with himself, when they had their first time together and other times as well. James increased the tempo, sweat full of toxins fell down from his face, he could see the pleasure on Michael’s face as James came suddenly into him. He removed his penis, kissing Michael’s moist abs working his way down. Michael gasped as James let “magneto” into his mouth massaging his sack, Michael grabbed onto the sides of the table. Ecstasy was overfilling his body, Michael cocked his pelvis up, James groaned with his mouth full. Michael could feel his climax coming soon, his clammy body dripped wet as he pleasurably waited enjoying James’ mouth sucking on him. Michael cumming ever so slowly, James continued slowing down the pace, for his ability to swallow. James exhaled, engulfing the last of what he believed to be done, removing “magneto” from his lips. Michael smiled looking down at James while James took a breath, looking up to him, Michael signaled with his finger for James to come up. James crawled up onto Michael, as Michael moved his head upward his hand caressed James’ face, moving their faces closer to one another kissing both silently and softly. James rested his body on top of Michael’s as they continued osculating each other until both fell asleep on top of the kitchen table.

After arriving at the interviewers workplace, Michael braced himself, as well as James, they both couldn’t tell which one of them was more nervous than the other. Once the interviewer had set up the video-camera and introduced himself to James and Michael the questions began shortly after. The first question wasn’t that tough to answer, but it did make Michael reflect upon it. It was difficult for James in the sense that he didn’t know rather to bring up their first time they actually met, or when they met before shooting First Class. James began to tell the interviewer about their first time meeting, and how it was on set of Band Of Brothers, all the while Michael was flashing back to both wondrous days. Michael remembered walking out of his small dressing room, he went to complain about the hair product the director’s secretary had given him, but bumped into James on the way. At the time he didn’t think anything of it, Michael didn’t even know that James was going to be in a few episodes with him, he just thought he was a stand-in. James had properly introduced himself to Michael as a new actor on the set, Michael laughed thinking it was a joke, that was until the director told him otherwise. After he had apologized to James, he was kicked off set, unfortunately the episodes James were starring in Michael was not appearing in those episodes. Michael and James had many near misses when it came to spotting each other, and the only other time they had met was on their Vespa’s and it was just a few friendly words. Michael tuned into what James was saying for the moment, as James began to speak of when they met for First Class. Another memory Michael couldn’t get away from, remembering it as clear as day. It happened the day Michael found out he had been given the part of Erik, his agent had given him the news along with who he would be starring with. It wasn’t long before James had called him, how James had gotten Michael’s number he had no idea, but they immediately began setting up days to practice, before rehearsals in the studio even commenced. Michael discovered the nature of his sexuality before he auditioned, he figured that no one would know, and everything would be perfectly fine. Well that went down the drain. Michael remembered the moment he walked into the Kravitz home, James and Zoe both insisted it to be held at her house for distance reasons. Michael saw Zoe, who showed him around the house, then to the living room where everyone was studying their lines. Before he picked up his large script, he made his way to the bathroom, Michael was used to meeting people, but ever since his recent discovery about himself he was nervous. Unknowing of where he was going, his pace increased trying to find the restroom, which actually landed him accidentally falling on top of James. It was quite awkward, Michael didn’t remember seeing anyone coming from his point of view, nor did he think that he had the strength to fall on a person. Michael jumped up quickly apologizing to James once more, James laughed accepting an apology that wasn’t necessary, then leading Michael to the restroom where James had just walked out of moments before the incident. Michael smiled, his recollection faded, as he focused on James telling the story about them running into each other on their vespa’s. Michael realized his nerves dried away, he guessed that the reflection had something to do with it.

"That must have been a good memory for the both of you, all three of them!" The interviewer laughed, it seemed that the vespa story had bored the man. "Okay, the next few questions are from people on Twitter that we gathered a few days ago." The man flipped over to his next note card, he focused in on the question, "What do you two enjoy about each other?" 

Michael looked over at James as his partner gave him the floor, “There’s a lot I enjoy.” He laughed, “I mean, James can be this serious guy one minute, then the next he’s just hysterical. You know Brendan, he’s so little, but he has no idea how awesome his father is, not just as an actor, but as a dad. And as a person. So answering this question, I enjoy his personality, and the fact that he’s a pretty damn good father.”

James lightly blushed, a few words he hasn’t heard before coming from Michael, making him feel small butterflies in his stomach. In James’ mind those butterflies were fluttering their way up his chest, his feelings just grew a little deeper. “Wow, I don’t know how I can top that.” James chuckled, patting Michael on his shoulder, “Thanks Mike.” He said with a smile looking to Michael, he looked back to the man before continuing thinking of what he was going to say. “Well, I quite enjoy Michael’s sassy-ness, I know that’s not a word, but Michael always has this style, and this aroma about him that just seems sassy. He’s really energetic and bold. Like he has his signature settings, the hat, the leather jacket, and his hair.” James said with a laugh, Michael’s hair was a trademark. “I remember when we first met, how you were like this guy who was always doing things on impulse, to improve on acting, or just doing it for a laugh. Let’s minus the fact that you sleep until noon, but you’re always bouncing off the walls, I know the last couple of weeks you haven’t been, possibly because you haven’t been sleeping till noon?” James joked looking to Michael, as they both giggled to themselves. 

The interviewer wasn’t sure to laugh, but weirdly smiled to James and Michael. Figuring James was done, he moved onto the next question. “Okay there are three more Twitter questions here for you. This next one is: was it love at first sight?” The man chuckled silently, thinking that a teenager must have asked such a question.

James and Michael looked at one another, both shrugging. “Uh, I don’t think so, not from my perspective at least. It took me awhile to finally realize what I was seeing in Michael, you know, at first I thought it was just friendly feelings. Next thing I knew, I wanted to be next to Michael all the time, I was defending him, you know, being there for him, giving him more attention.. Things like that, like not really things I would do for just a friend. But, you know, dealing with finding out who you really are is difficult. It could have been love at first sight, but at the time I didn’t know.” James replied to the question with no regrets on his answer.

Michael grinned widely letting out a chuckle, not really knowing how to respond to James with his answer. He wasn’t sure if he liked or disliked it, but he did respect James for getting the courage to speak about it. Michael shrugged it off, if it bothered him he’d take it back to the condo and speak to James about it then. “Unfortunately, my answer is different.” He laughed with fluster. “I think it was love at first sight for me. It might have been lust, I’m not one-hundred percent sure. I mean look at James, he’s got it all, he doesn’t even have to do anything and he’s just this!” Michael said, eyeing and showing James off with his hand. Both James and Michael chuckled, before he continued, “I mean both times we met, we practically fell onto each other, whether it was the literal sense or just bumping into each other. The first time I locked eyes with James, which was actually on the X Men set, I was like ‘whoa!’ I think those big blue eyes just sucked me right in.” Michael responded with a smirk, followed by a look back towards the interviewer. He tried his best not to make eye contact with the video-recorder, but his eyes wanted to wander. 

The man laughed as James tried to silently giggle at Michael’s response. James pulled his hair back looking to Michael, “You know your eyes always go from blue to green, I find that very sexy. And even the smallest to largest smiles you do.. It’s.. I cant even…” Embarrassed, James shook his head laughing, realizing he just said that in front of an interviewer and a recorder taping him. 

The interviewer shook it off and went on to the next question, to this man he didn’t care what was said, as long as the video-camera caught all of it. “Okay next question, ‘where and what was your first kiss together like?’” The man smiled, this question was juicy, he figured the answers would be steamy.

Michael couldn’t stop smiling, not only did he feel comfortable, but he felt fine with releasing all of this information. After all, James was doing most of the talking, and he knew James would be the one to answer this question.

"Well it was unexpected. For me it was at least, Michael had it planned in his head, I knew he was up to something but I didn’t know what. Anyways, it was right after one of our set rehearsals, I think in the movie it was the scene where Charles and Erik were in the water." James said squinting his eyes trying to remember, crossing his arms. In Michael’s words, James’ facial expression and body language would be known as ‘thinking hard’. "We were in the pool, and Vaughn had wrapped everything up for the night, and I wasn’t too happy with having to go through that scene every twenty minutes. And I don’t think either of us, understood why we had to do it so many times. Vaughn told us to work on other parts of our script, and we would deal with that scene at a later time. Well, we wrapped up around one in the morning, and I got out of the pool and told Michael I was going to bed. Then Michael had told me he had an idea of how to just hold your breath underneath the water, and Vaughn said if we couldn’t do it he would just get stunt-doubles who could, but Mike and I both knew that wasn’t going to happen. Anyways, he drags me back into the pool, which wasn’t heated so it was quite chilly. Michael dunks me under, at first it was very playful, you know he was trying to get me used to the water temperature, but it wasn’t quite working to his advantage. Only because I began to dunk him every time he did it to me. Long story short, we both were under water and Michael brought himself to me and kissed me. And it was very much so a surprise, you know. But, looking back on it, it was brilliant, the kiss was spontaneous, and it actually really did help us breathe underwater. Not for very long, but long enough to do the scene the next morning, and was completely done with it." James stated as serious he could be, leaving a chuckle at the end. "Very romantic, Michael."

The interviewer laughed, “Sounds nicely done. How about you, Mr. Planner?” The man laughed directly to Michael.

Michael smiled to James, not that he hadn’t been smiling during James’ response, but now he was showing all of his pearly whites. He scratched the back of his head furrowing his eyebrows, “Yeah. I wasn’t really thinking about it, until after I had gotten James back into the water. I didn’t know that he was that persuasive, but I think he was desperate to figure out how to get this one part done and over with. So, I dunk him, to mess around with him. Next thing I know he dunked me down with him. So it was after he had dunked me for the third time that I decided to do something about it. It was the spur of the moment, and we all know James is just gorgeous dry, so you can only imagine him wet.” Michael said winking to James. 

The man smiled, James and Michael weren’t sure if he was a supporter or not, but he had seemed to be, but other times the interviewer hadn’t. They let the man go on to the next question, “What do you think your future will be like together?” The interviewer scrunched his long bushy eyebrows down to his eyes.

Michael burst out with a sudden laugh, “I think it will be great. You know whether or not things go the way as planned, I honestly think James and I will be great in our relationship. I also think we’ll see a lot of Brendan, and a lot of Joy. Not just because she’s our new neighbor.” He’s had that one on his mind ever since earlier that day. If James would get any type of agreement to Brendan living with them, Michael would make sure everything would go more than just James’ standards of ordinary. James shook his head, in agreement to Michael. James didn’t want to add anything else, Michael had said what he would have stated.

"I have to ask, when did you know that you were homosexuals?" The man asked keeping himself open to hearing what the boys had to say.

James looked to Michael, then back to the interviewer, “Well, I didn’t really experiment, but I did that movie, where I kissed another man. Then I didn’t really think about it, I was young and working my way up to the top, I did so many shows of showing my ass, one of me kissing a guy wasn’t as degrading as my bare ass was.” He said with a laugh, “I think for me it was the day of me and Mike’s first kiss. I know I had thought about it before, but I didn’t think much of it when I was acting, but what happened between Michael and I wasn’t acting. It was real. The kiss was the main factor, but I had always wondered about my sexuality before then.” James responded, beginning to pinch his bottom lip. He was a little nervous that he had just told people that, it might have not been live, but James knew it would be online in hours. James sighed, slightly smiling past the camera.

"For me it was a month before I auditioned for the movie. The sexuality randomly floated into my mind, then I had found myself looking at men on the internet. And then it escalated to a deeper level. James was just a bonus." Michael replied, trying to keep his cool by sliding in a small joke. He hoped James wouldn’t get mad.

"Wow. You two have a lot of chemistry it seems, not to mention the history you two must share. So would you consider each other as your best friend?" The interviewer carefully asked.

Both James and Michael nodded, “Yeah definitely,” Michael said proudly.

"I think we are best friends, I’ve always considered him my best friend since the second day we started studying lines. Michael and I would rapport during our study sessions with Zoe and Jennifer, Lucas and the others would just laugh. It was constant fun with Michael, and it still is. Never a dull moment with us, that’s for sure!" James agreed with a toothless smile.

"Now the next few questions I want to ask are a little personal, and risky. So let’s just get right to it. How long have you two been dating?" The male interviewer seemed more placid this time around. Almost comfortable.

"Uh, well officially I think it’s about to be six months, in a week or so." Michael replied licking his dry chapped lips. James nodded, Michael was right about that. One thing Michael was good at was remembering dates.

"So all those interviews from before, were all during your time dating? When people look back and watch them, it’s obvious that there is some flirtation going on. It even seems like little signs of you two together, especially when James talked the most. Was it all intentional? Or no?" The man’s hand began to shake, it was obvious this question made him a little uncomfortable.

James and Michael laughed loudly, “It’s always James. Dammit James!” Michael giggled, “Ha, it seems like it.” Michael couldn’t help himself from laughing, he wasn’t sure if their relationship had blossomed then, but he knew some of it was when they were just messing around with one another.

"Yeah, I think the first two or three interviews we were in, it was very low-key. We weren’t sure how obvious we were, but then I remembered, I’m an actor for a reason! I can use this to my advantage!" James stated, chuckling. "I was very good with my words, and I think that I made it believable that it could have been real, or could just be a trick."

"But it’s real!" The man continued, "Did anyone know about you two? During the rehearsals and such? Or was it all low-key until just last week?" 

Michael calmed down from his outburst, what James had said bothered him. He stored it away scratching his nose, “Well, Lucas caught onto us during the last final scene in the movie, which he believed to be real, because he was behind the camera when they were filming James and I on the beach. It took me awhile to tell my parents, but we told them after the film was released, then Anne, and Joy and Zoe along with Jennifer just happened to pop up and found out for themselves.”  Michael felt a like he was the one who needed to answer that question. He was afraid if James had began to answer it, that James’ response might have been ugly.

The interviewer shook his head, “Must have took a lot of guts, to tell your parents, not to mention your wife.” The man realized he shouldn’t have even said that, as unprofessional as it was. “I’m sorry. There was a question or two in here, directed to James about the divorce and the custody battle, but I’ll throw those away.” The reporter scratched his head, going through his note cards to find the next suitable question. “How is it to live with one another? Are you two, two very different people, or are you two more alike?”

James’ folded arms became loose, he freed them, laying a hand onto Michael’s leg. That was James’ way of saying ‘thank you’ when things such as that happened. “It’s kind of fun, living together. I mean we’ve played house in hotel rooms before, but now it’s a lot better, a lot more space.” James joked, “But it’s different living together, because we are so different. I am this morning bird, who has a cigarette once every week, and makes two pots of coffee in the morning. While Michael would and could sleep till noon, get up drink coffee and eat the most fattening piece of food in the house, then most of the time goes out for a cigarette. You know, because we came from two different places, and yet we sort of meshed, and now we’re like this weird combination. But I do agree with the online fans, Michael and I make a perfect couple.” James smiled, speaking of coffee, he wished he had a cup filled. Michael laughed, agreeing with what James had to say by putting an expression that showed both serious and comedic side of himself.

"Alright, well we have two more questions left. We’ll skip the one about your feelings for one another, I think it’s obvious that you two are love birds." The male reporter coughed, James was too happy to hear the words ‘two more questions left’. "So are there any movies you plan on working together? Trance perhaps?"

"No not Trance, not for me. The time that will be in production, another movie I’m starring in will also be in production." Michael responded in a disappointed tone.

"But, we heard that Vaughn is making a sequel to First Class, so we’ll definitely be in that. That’s what I’ll be looking forward to, I like being a telepath!" James smiled, feeling like he had to butt into Michael’s response. 

"Well that’s good, I know a lot of fans will be looking forward to that, that sounds like a bunch of fun for the both of you." The reporter smiled to the both of them, he hadn’t done that the whole three hours they had spent with him. "Alright, last question!" The man rubbed his hands together taking out the last note card, "What was your first date together like?" The interviewer felt it was a little odd that the last question was a personal one, but it’s what was planned. 

James and Michael both eyed each other, they both knew they hadn’t gone out to eat yet. Both of them were embarrassed to even go onto say that they hadn’t been on an official date. Unless you included their day at the park with Brendan.

"We haven’t been able to have one, actually." Michael said in a serious voice, he couldn’t believe it.

"Really? That’s interesting. Do you plan on having a first date together?" The man asked attentively. 

"Yeah. It would be nice to go on one together, just have to get time." James responded.

"I’m sure we will have time, if not tonight, there’s tomorrow." Michael acknowledged winking to James, he knew there was time for them tonight and tomorrow.

"Well I hope you two have fun with whatever you do. Thanks for being here, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender. Nice to meet and talk to you." The interviewer ended, shaking both Michael’s and James’ hands goodbye. In both of Michael and James’ head all they knew was that they were allowed to leave, and both were ready for dinner.

"Okay, so Anne’s coming at three, all of Brendan’s things are in the play-pin. Just remember to fold it up, and don’t forget to give him a warm bottle before then, so Anne won’t have to deal with putting him to sleep." James explained to Joy. He wasn’t too excited about his sister watching his son, especially since it was her first time. 

Joy shook her head excitedly, she always wanted to spend time with Brendan, although she was a little nervous about baby-sitting him for a few hours. “You should wake Michael up soon. You two should leave in about a half hour, interview starts at ten, ten thirty, just show up at ten. So go wake him up, and get dressed into something nice!” Joy stated playfully, pushing him to the bedroom. She walked back into the kitchen and saw Brendan in the high-chair covered in apple-sauce that James was feeding him. In her high squealed voice she mumbled to the baby, asking questions and making funny comments, Joy couldn’t help but play with Brendan. Joy fed the rest of the food to Brendan, getting him cleaned up afterwards. She knew her brother had a long interview ahead of him, Joy made sure that she was able to handle Brendan for the next hours coming up. 

After being shoved into his bedroom, James shut the door, he rolled his eyes noticing that Michael was still fast asleep. James jumped onto the bed, not a single movement, he was beginning to get used to Michael not waking up at the loudest or most obnoxious things. He slowly crawled up to Michael’s ear, “Darling, it’s time to get up, we have to go to that interview in a half hour.” James spoke softly. He continued to think of ways to get Michael to awaken, maybe it was hopeless. James led his way off the bed to the closet, might as well get ready. He put on a nice pair of jeans, and one of Michael’s comfy button-down long-sleeve shirts. James even made an outfit for Michael to wear, thinking to himself, he never would have done that before in his life. “Michael, it’s time to wake up. Come on, don’t make me get you up in another way.” He said in a stern voice.

Michael groaned hearing James talk with such a voice almost annoyed him. He lightly opened his eyes, to seeing James by the closet buttoning up the shirt Michael had worn the other day. Michael graciously smiled, remembering that yesterday was such a beautiful day. He and James, along with Brendan, spent their  afternoon at the park then stayed late until after the sun had set. Everything about yesterday made Michael happy, they had gotten home and Brendan went to sleep ever-so-quickly, leaving him and James room for some one-on-one time. “If I get up, it’s only for you to get back in bed quicker.” Michael deadpanned with a grin showing his pearly-whites across his face.

James laughed, he walked to the edge of the bed and leaned into Michael, “Oh? And what about this interview you said we should do?” 

"We can reschedule!" Michael joked, unbuttoning James’ top button of his shirt. "You know you look better with the shirt not buttoned all the way up. I’ve told you that before, if you’re going to wear my clothes wear them right." Michael winked still smiling, he loved teasing James about wearing his clothes.

Amused, James smiled. “You know I’m not getting back into bed, if you don’t go to this interview with me. Since it was partially your idea.” James mocked, he looked to the time, they had twenty minutes until they had to leave. “Well I set up an outfit for you, if you want to wear it. We have twenty minutes before we have to go, so hurry your ass up!” He stood up from the bed, and walked to the mirror taking a look at the way Michael made him look. James shrugged, wasn’t that bad, he folded the sleeves up to his elbow, giving it more of the look that it was his not Michael’s. 

Michael wasn’t too happy that he had to get up, but he figured after he could get James to himself looking toward the bright side of his day. He looked at the clothes James had picked out for him, and tugged the pants off the hanger, putting them on. Michael didn’t mind the pants, it was the shirt he didn’t like, Michael never had worn the shirt, and the only reason why it was in there was because it was a gift from his mother. He put on deodorant before quickly putting on his pull-over v-neck sweater. He groaned walking into the bathroom, Michael’s hair was quite a mess, he was almost sure that the mirror was lying when he could see stubble on his chin. Michael quickly washed up, and brushed his hair, parting his hair down the middle, while pushing a few strands to another side. He smiled into the mirror, making sure his teeth were good-looking for cameras, as good as can be

James and Michael stepped into the living room, checking their pockets, making sure they had everything, ten minutes before they had to leave. James grabbed the keys off the coffee table, signaling to Michael that he would drive. Joy came around holding Brendan, to say their goodbyes. James gave his sister a hug with a kiss on the cheek, then giving his son a big smooch on the forehead. Michael gave her a quick hug, and pecked Brendan on the cheek. Brendan smiled widely at both of their affections to him, as Joy reminded James to mention Vaughn and the movie that brought them together. 

James yawned loudly, waking up from his morning nap, he got out of bed and looked at the time, a quarter to twelve. He felt rejuvenated from his slumber, James put on his shorts and a wife-beater and walked out into the kitchen. He was alone, Michael’s car keys were missing, and Brendan wasn’t in the play-pin. James sat down at the table and groaned, what was he going to do alone at Michael’s place? He sat there for a bit, thinking about where Michael could be, and whether or not he should make lunch. The front door began to unlock, and suddenly opened, Brendan walked in squealing. Brendan ran to James as their eyes locked, “Hey! Where have you been?” James questioned, collecting his son up onto his lap. 

Michael walked in with a bag of food, he shut the door and walked into the kitchen. “Oh good, you’re up!” He said happily, setting the bag labeled Wendy’s down on the table. “I got us some lunch!” Michael told James, he could tell that James was a little worried. “Have a good sleep?”

James held Brendan, trying to keep him from squirming more than he already was. “Yeah… Where’d you two go?” James asked in a serious manner.

Michael squinted his eyes, while he was taking out the food from the bag, “We didn’t really go anywhere. It was eleven and I figured I’d take him to Wendy’s, so I did. I let him play in the kids corner for a bit, then we got lunch and came back here. Not a big deal.” He shrugged, taking out the last of what was in the bag. 

"Alright, if you say so." James pushed it out of his mind, after all they did come back, and they both were in good condition. Michael smiled to him handing him a chicken sandwich and fries. 

"I didn’t know what you wanted me to get him, so I asked for apple sauce. I figured that he could have fries, he can right?" Michael asked, making sure he was right. He continued to keep his eye on James, something seemed off. Michael shifted his eyes to Brendan, and a beautiful idea came to mind. James nodded his head to Michael, as he grabbed the sandwich and began to bring it to his mouth. Michael held James’ hand from bringing the sandwich closer. "Don’t. We’re going to eat this somewhere outside." Michael announced, James gave him a questioned hunger look. 

"You sure you want to go out?" James inquired, he was quite hungry and that chicken looked delicious. 

"Yeah, it’s nice out and we’re going to go somewhere together, the three of us." Michael responded, gathering the food back into the bag, wrapping it back up. "I have a great place for us to go to!" He then rounded up a few of Brendan’s things into a bag. "I’m ready, are you?"

James smiled, happy that Michael was so productive and wanting to do something with him and his son. “Yeah, just let me put a shirt on.” James rushed to the bedroom and put on a button down t-shirt, walking past the mirror he realized he needed to comb his hair. He quickly combed his messy hair, which took a good minute or two, due to the knots in his hair. “All right, I’m ready,” James walked out, hoping he was dressed right for where Michael was going to take him, he grabbed Brendan into his arms and looked to Michael. 

Michael looked at both James and Brendan, and smiled, he felt like this was his family. He could get used to that. “Then let’s go!” Michael added, grabbing the two bags he had filled.

They jumped into Michael’s car, quickly buckling themselves up along with Brendan, and drove. James kept wondering where Michael was going to take them. It wasn’t a long car ride, ten minutes at best, Michael unbuckled Brendan, grabbing him and the bags and locked the car once James had exited. They began to walk as James asked Michael more than once they were going, Michael responded, “You’ll see when we get there!” Not too much longer, Michael had began to take out things from the bags and set up camp on the grass. James looked around, finally realizing that it was a park, not to mention a nice one at that. He smiled to Michael, beginning to help him set up, Brendan was doing well sitting on the grass and playing with one of his toys. 

"A picnic." James said happily with a smile. "I didn’t think you enjoyed things like this." He moved the semi-filled bag full of Brendan’s toys to the edge of the blanket Michael had put down for them. "I cant remember the last time I was at a picnic." James chuckled, taking a seat on the blanket. Michael rushed up and grabbed Brendan, bringing him to the blanket. Brendan was quite the little explorer, trying to get further away from them by walking different ways. Once Michael had gotten a hold of Brendan, they both had began to feed him, that was the only way Brendan would stay still. 

Even though they had to keep an eye on Brendan, both James and Michael enjoyed themselves. After they had finished their lunch James lied his head down onto Michael’s shoulder, also holding Brendan, who was fast asleep from the warm bottle of milk. Michael smiled, it had been a long time since he had a day like that, it wasn’t too cold and the breeze was just right. Michael had picked a perfect spot, underneath a big oak tree, his blanket was handmade and passed down to him from his great grandma. Michael knew the feeling that they had now was the time they had to cherish, after all the court-hearing was coming up soon. James was a bit tired of having to keep an eye on Brendan, but he didn’t mind. Once Brendan had eaten, James knew he’d be passed out, that was one thing he loved about babies, the fact they could sleep their whole day away. James could feel the calm breeze of the wind rush through his hair, his eyes closed as his head still lied onto Michael. James wished he could fall asleep just like that, everything was peaceful, and everything about that day just felt good for him in general. He smiled, it was like a spa-day for him, and he enjoyed every minute of it, with both of the loves in his life.

A baby’s cry, a movement from the bed, Michael groaned trying not to wake up. He heard James shushing Brendan in the other room. Michael rubbed his eyes, he moved his head up to check the time, 9 am, he sighed letting his head fall back onto the pillow. He heard the coffee pot start, Michael decided to get up, at least there was coffee. Michael walked out into the kitchen as he saw James sitting at the table, Brendan was sitting on the floor drinking his bottle of milk. Michael smiled, getting out two coffee cups for James and himself. 

"Good morning," Michael said to the both of them, he shook Brendan’s hair before taking a seat next to James.

"Is it really a good morning?" James asked rhetorically, he looked exhausted. Dark circles were formed under his eyes and his hair was a complete mess. Although his son got plenty of sleep last night, he hadn’t. James had talked longer with his sister, telling her what he wanted from the interview. After Joy had left, Michael had him begging for more of what he’d been craving earlier. Instead of doing what they most wanted to do, left them only with foreplay. James enjoyed it all, the movements of Michael’s hand, the long romantic kisses… Before he knew it he was passed out at no later time than 3 am. Six hours of sleep for James was never good enough, he needed at least seven hours of sleep. Even he needed his beauty sleep just like Michael did. 

"Not really," Michael scratched the side of his head, he wasn’t really used to waking up early, but today he felt rejuvenated. "But who knows, it’s still morning, it can turn good, cant it?" He said clasping his hands together, as he looked down to Brendan who was walking towards him. Michael picked him up, and sat Brendan on his lap. Brendan blissfully smiled, Michael smiled back without revealing all of his teeth, afraid that Brendan would be scared. "We should do something today, like with Brendan." He said turning his head to James, while supporting Brendan with his hands from falling.

James looked at the floor, he kept zoning out. When Michael had offered to do something, he snapped his head to Michael, getting out of his funk. He smiled, seeing how happy Brendan was, hoping that Michael was just as happy. James thought about what they could possibly do, especially with Brendan. He did like the fact that Michael was interested in doing things with him and his son, James could already tell that Brendan liked Michael. He wanted to see more of that, maybe Michael liked Brendan, James could never tell with Michael, not with kids anyways. “Where’s a place we can go to that kids as young as Brendan would go to though?” James knew a few places, however, he wanted Michael’s opinion. Maybe Michael could be another parental figure in Brendan’s life, James thought, maybe it would be good for Michael, to open him up to that lifestyle. 

"I don’t know, I thought you’d have an idea. I just thought that today could actually be a nice day out. So we could do something that we enjoy outside, and bring this one along!" Michael answered looking back to Brendan. He knew he wasn’t that good with children, mainly because his smile would scare them away, but he was trying not to smile too widely. Michael felt like he had to think about everything he was doing with Brendan around. He didn’t want Brendan to think of him as a bad person, but at the time, didn’t want him to think of Michael as a figure to look up to either. Michael brought Brendan down to the tile-floor for him to explore, while he got up and poured the made-coffee into the cups. He brought a cup to James, standing in front of him, like he needed to hear something. Something that would bring Michael satisfaction or any type of feeling.

James took a sip of his coffee, not really knowing what was going on in Michael’s brain, or why he was even standing in front of him. Placing his cup on the table, he stood up getting to Michael’s eye level. James wasn’t exactly sure, but he had a feeling that Michael didn’t know what to do. Not the bad ‘what to do’, but just generally ‘what to do’. James was still tired, he didn’t know what he was thinking or feeling. All that he knew was Michael was standing before him, and not a single thought crossed James mind. “Is there something wrong?” James asked, realizing his voice was raspy, he really needed to get back to sleep. Perhaps Michael would join him. 

Michael looked into James’ tired eyes, just feeling the need to make something of himself, to James and Brendan. It was weird for Michael, he never had that feeling before, it’s like he wanted to do good, for the both of them. “I just want you to be happy, with whatever we do today. And tomorrow, and the next day.” Michael stated, feeling almost vulnerable, which was not normal for him. His feelings were growing stronger for James, and he could feel it in his chest.

James moved his eyes onto Michael’s, the words coming out of Michael’s lips, sounded meaningful and heart-filled. James beamed, “It’s funny, I never really thought I’d hear those words before. Until just now.” He remembered when things got rough with Anne she always just said ‘things would be alright’, that was never what he wanted to hear. James had always wanted to hear, ‘let’s make you happy’ or ‘I want you to always be happy’, the fact that it had came from Michael, made it mean so much more to him. Michael cracked a smile to him, James looked down focusing on Brendan for a moment, who was playing with one of his truck’s on the tile. “You know, I think.” James shook his head, “No I know, that I’ll probably always be happy.” He stopped to think for a moment, was he really going to get all sappy, lovey-dovey sort of thing? “I never thought I’d be able to say this, but, I think with you I could always be happy. There’s never a dull moment with you, we’re always having fun, whether it’s talking or doing anything together. I’ve always been happy around you. That’s probably one of the reasons why I’m attracted to you.” James smiled, he guessed he could say those things after all. “It’s so weird saying this, because it’s so true, you’re the kind of person I’ve been looking for. You’re my best friend, you care about me, and you love me.” He shrugged, trying not to feel so embarrassed by telling Michael how he felt.

Michael let out a chuckle, he wasn’t really thinking that James would come out with all of that, but it made him feel good. Better about their relationship. It was like James knew what to say. James smiled noticing Michael was blushing. “What are you smiling about?” Michael asked jokingly with a soft smile.

"You. You’re blushing! It’s been so long since I’ve seen those cheeks flustered," James replied with a laugh.

"What are you talking about? I don’t blush!" Michael stated, trying to get himself out of his flustered feelings. He tried to feel his face with his hands, to see if his face felt warm.

"It’s alright," James brought Michael’s hands down from his face, and wrapped his hands around the back of Michael’s neck. "It’s nice to see that once in awhile. It helps me see that you still have a bit of modesty in you." He could still see the natural color across Michael’s pale face, making the smile on James even wider. James brought Michael closer to him, delicately touching his lips to Michael’s. The gentle touch of their lips to one another, had Michael feeling delightful. Michael didn’t mind their relationship getting emotional, he had just hoped that the feeling they had for each other wouldn’t go away.